Enghouse Networks

Enghouse Networks offers software technology solutions for the planning, design, operation and support of next generation telecommunications and utility networks. Enghouse Network's product portfolio includes:

Number Portability

Global NP Data  •  Routing  •  Applications

Intelligent Network Platform

Least Cost Routing  •  Toll Free  •  Wholesale  •  Value Added Services

Service Delivery Cloud

Billing  •  Order Management  •  Workflow  •  Provisioning SOA

GIS & Network Analytics

Planning  •  Engineering  •  Inventory  •  Business Intelligence

Mobile Network Rollout

Infrastructure Management  •  Site Build-out  •  Workflow  •  Property Rentals


Most recent acquisitions includes: Basset AB, Jinny Software, CDRator A/S

For more information, please visit www.enghousenetworks.com


Enghouse Networks

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